Newsletters and Mailshots

Newsletters, whether they are printed or online, distributed electronically, by post or by hand, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually are a good way to engage with your clients, make them an offer, or inform them of new developments and products.

They are also time consuming to prepare and often are the result of too many cooks stirring the company broth. One thing we know for sure is – writing and designing it yourself is always more difficult than you think.

We remove this headache by preparing your company newsletters for you, be it a complete photoshoot (still or video), logo and title creation, complete copywriting, design and print or a smooth edit of what you have prepared yourselves.

If you wish, we can meet with you to discuss subject matter, conduct interviews, organise your photography or video shoot or advise on the design and layout. Or just write your copy. It’s up to you.


Kate Copestake is a qualified designer, an editor and an NTCJ trained journalist and has been published widely.